Cloud Cruiser's Story

Transforming the business of cloud


Cloud Cruiser, the leader in cloud financial management solutions, is led by a team of highly experienced tech industry executives, and endorsed by notable cloud partners like Cisco, HP and Microsoft.

Cloud Cruiser offers an innovative cloud financial management solution that was built from the ground up for the cloud economy. It maximizes freedom of choice for our customers as they transition to the cloud by providing dynamic financial intelligence, chargeback, and multi-tenant cloud billing across heterogeneous IT environments. Our solution is used by finance and IT professionals within enterprises and cloud service providers for achieving the low cost promise of the cloud and maximizing profitability.

Uniquely architected for hybrid IT, Cloud Cruiser does the following:

  • Automates the collection and aggregation of IT costs and revenue across any public cloud, private cloud or traditional IT environment.
  • Delivers clear, actionable cloud financial intelligence via self-service, pay-as-you-go cloud billing, hybrid IT showback and chargeback, granular P&L analytics, proactive cost controls, and agile pricing models.
  • Enables innovations such as IT as a Service, private cloud funding models, and the migration to hybrid IT.

Our mission is to deliver the best and most innovative cloud financial management solution available. Enterprise IT departments and cloud service providers must fundamentally change how they track and manage their IT P&L in the new cloud economy. This is why Cloud Cruiser was built to be a comprehensive financial management platform that goes well beyond simple cloud cost control to enable intelligent management across multiple clouds, vendors and environments.

Cloud Cruiser Backgrounder

Founded 2010
Company The leader in cloud financial management
Benefits Cloud cost and revenue transparency, accountability, control, and empowerment
Unique Advantage Built from the ground up for hybrid IT and heterogeneous environments
Strategic Partners Amazon, Cisco, HP, Microsoft, OpenStack, and VMware
Lead Investors Onset Ventures and Wavepoint Ventures
Management Team Executives from HP, IBM, 3Com, Pacific Bell, and Apptio, with revenue acceleration success within emerging companies and markets
Development Team 100 years of deep domain expertise in resource mapping, collection, and chargeback

Meet Dave

Meet our CEO, Dave Zabrowski

Our vision is to be the key enabler for enterprises and cloud service providers to achieve their financial goals in the new cloud economy. Our value proposition is so strong that we guarantee companies achieve the low cost promise of the cloud...Read More

  • "We architect private and public clouds for clients every day. Now with Cloud Cruiser, we can ensure that our cloud deployments have the best ROI in the industry.”
    Steve Hanney
    Founder & Managing Partner, Sequoia Worldwide