Microsoft Windows Azure Pack

Cloud Cruiser for Microsoft Windows Azure Pack

Recognizing that cloud financial management is an essential component to delivering scalable, profitable, and financially transparent cloud services, Microsoft now includes a customized Express version of Cloud Cruiser’s cloud financial management solution with Windows Server 2012 R2 via Windows Azure Pack (WAP). Cloud Cruiser Express works directly from the WAP portal so customers can seamlessly manage both the operational and financial aspects of their Windows Azure private or hosted public cloud from a single pane of glass.

With Cloud Cruiser Express for Windows Azure Pack, you can:

  • View your cloud costs directly from within the WAP portal
  • Automate chargeback and cloud billing for your Windows Azure Pack computing environment
  • Gain control of your cloud spending with tenant budgets and automated alert notifications
  • Be up and running in under 10 minutes with a streamlined Cloud Cruiser Express install right from the Windows Azure Pack installer


Upgrade to the premium features of Cloud Cruiser when you want to:

  • Scale your financial management capabilities to support larger deployments, including more VMs, databases, and website instances
  • Support a heterogeneous computing environment with additional Microsoft cloud products or other public, private, or traditional computing environments
  • Add advanced financial management capabilities such as customer and service analysis, profit management, demand forecasting, and more

2 minute overview of Cloud Financial Management with Cloud Cruiser Express

Microsoft System Center 2012

Cloud Cruiser for Microsoft System Center 2012 SP1

Cloud Cruiser's cloud financial management solution integrates with System Center 2012 to enable customers to collect, analyze, optimize, and chargeback for IT resources used throughout their public, private, and hybrid clouds. We provide a secure, self-service portal for System Center users to manage their resource usage and spending. With end-to-end cost transparency, hierarchical resource mapping, BI analytics, budgets, alerts, and chargeback, Cloud Cruiser delivers a business-critical cloud financial management solution for System Center 2012.

With Cloud Cruiser for System Center 2012, you can:

  • Aggregate the costs of services deployed from System Center and other public, private, or traditional computing environments and charge back on a per-usage basis to your cloud tenants
  • Integrate additional IT costs, such as help desk, SLAs, facilities, and software licenses for complete IT financial management and profit maximization
  • Automate reporting and billing at any level of granularity and provide self-service cost portals for anytime access to usage and spending
  • Gain a competitive edge with agile pricing models that fit your business needs
  • Reduce IT spending by eliminating waste and encouraging fiscal responsibility with budgets and alerts
  • Be up and running in minutes with Cloud Cruiser’s built-in collector for System Center 2012

Azure Public Cloud

Cloud Cruiser for Azure Public Cloud

Cloud Cruiser provides an out-of-the-box integration to Microsoft Azure, delivering detailed public cloud usage and cost tracking with the new Usage API for all Azure subscriptions and enterprise accounts. With Cloud Cruiser you can use the new instance meta-data (tags) information from the API to aggregate usage by business function, environment or project. The automated usage data collection and transformation process takes full advantage of the hourly granularity of the API to provide accurate detail and visibility into who is using what Azure service. Cloud Cruiser leverages granular consumption information to analyze usage trends, identify under- or over-provisioned resources, forecast future demand, and perform chargeback and billing.

For many enterprises, public cloud usage accounts for just a portion of their overall computing spend. Cloud Cruiser adds enormous value because it is designed from the ground up for hybrid cloud environments and can automate the collection, analytics, and chargeback of costs from Azure and any other public, private, or traditional IT computing platform in your datacenter. You can eliminate hours spent pouring over spreadsheets and gain automatic cost transparency in minutes by having a single holistic view to all of your usage and spending from a single dashboard.

With Cloud Cruiser for Azure, you can:

  • Automate chargeback of your Azure resources and other public and/or private, or traditional computing environments in your enterprise
  • Provide detailed cost allocation by business function, environment, project, and more
  • Offer secure, self-service customer cost portals for anytime access to usage and spending
  • Be up and running in under 10 minutes with an out-of-the-box collector for Azure