Cloud Cruiser for OpenStack

As a member of the Open Virtualization Alliance, CloudCruiser was the first cloud financial management solution to support OpenStack. Aligning with OpenStack’s mission to deliver solutions that are simple to implement, massively scalable, and vendor-neutral, our solution offers several valuable features. These include a “minutes-to-launch” wizard-based install; quick and easy onboarding of new services, customers, and pricing models; and a heterogeneous chargeback and multi-tenant billing solution that provides enterprises and service providers with a scalable, open financial management system that crosses both cloud and traditional IT enviornments.

With Cloud Cruiser for OpenStack, you can:

  • Automate chargeback and multi-tenant billing for your OpenStack cloud based public or private computing environment, plus extend beyond your OpenStack environment, if necessary
  • Integrate additional IT costs such as facilities, labor, and software licenses for complete IT financial management
  • Implement agile pricing models to align with enterprise or service provider business requirements
  • Offer secure, self-service customer cost portals for anytime access to usage and spending
  • Be up and running in minutes with Cloud Cruiser’s built-in collector for OpenStack