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How To Manage Costs for Your Private Cloud webinar.



Cloud Usage & Spending in the Enterprise


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Addressing Real World Challenges of Hybrid IT

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Addressing the Real World Challenge of Showback & Chargeback for Hybrid IT
How our solution addresses many of the problems IT professionals face when managing Hybrid IT environments.
Debunking Cloud Myths
Myth #1: Cloud Is Always About Money
So Many Cloud Service Providers. So Many Pricing Plans.
An important step in moving to the cloud is performing the financial analysis comparing a number of public and private cloud options.

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Events 2015
Where: Europa Park Strasse 2 Rust
March 24 2015
Microsoft Ignite 2015
Where: 2301 S Lake Shore Dr Chicago
When: May 4 2015
World of IT Financial Management
Conferences 2015
Where: 4021 Lakeview Dr Stone Mountain
When: July 13 2015
About Cloud CruiserCloud Cruiser offers a software platform with leading capabilities to track hybrid IT services usage by user and costs.

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Cloud Cruiser Selected to Join the Microsoft Technology Center Partner Alliance


Cloud Cruiser, provider of an end-to-end solution for hybrid IT consumption-based delivery, announces that it has been selected to join the Microsoft Technology Center Partner Alliance, making its Cloud Cruiser Express™ and Cloud Cruiser Enterprise™ products available to customers during their MTC engagements.


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IT Consumption-Based Service Management


IT prides itself in attracting and growing some of the most creative minds in the business. If you don’t agree they are creative, just introduce a new set of staff productivity measures (remember lines of code and function points?) and see how long it takes for them to find a way to “beat” those measures.


Is Your IT Operation Ready for the Arrival of the Internet of Things?


If you thought that Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) movement was a challenge to your IT Department, you better prepare for the digital disruption from the Internet of Things (IoT) that will literally revolutionize your IT infrastructure, especially from a bandwidth perspective.


Interview with Deirdre Mahon, Chief Marketing Officer of Cloud Cruiser, Inc.


VSM: Ms. Mahon, tell us about Cloud Cruiser.DM: Cloud Cruiser is a software company that provides the only end-to-end solution for hybrid IT consumption-based delivery that enables enterprises and service providers to track usage by user and costs across public, private cloud and traditional IT computing environments.


The Power of Transformation


Imagine managing your bank balance with nothing but dollar amounts. That’s right, just amounts. No dates. No check numbers. No payee names. You just see a list of every dollar that was used and a balance but you have no way to know when or why the money was spent. That is the way many people view the invoices they get from a public cloud provider. The bill received has limited information on quantities and prices and a total amount due. The bill gets paid but the payer has limited confidence about what is really consumed.


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Are you Succeeding in Controlling Hybrid IT Spend?


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