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IT Cycles that Must End for Successful Business Transformation
Eight Key Factors to Lead You to a Successful Hybrid IT Environment

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Cloud Cruiser offers a software platform with leading capabilities to track hybrid IT services usage by user and costs.

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Unlock Your Cloud Data Jail
Data transformation helps you unlock your cloud usage data so you can gain valuable business insights about the services you consume in public and private clouds. Read More>>
Clouds Impact on Government Financial Reporting
Government adoption of cloud technology has lagged the private sector. Federal, State, and Local governments have moved cautiously, waiting for evidence that security in the cloud would meet the high standards necessary for handling sensitive government data. Read More>>
Tracking Usage and Spend Across Microsoft’s Hybrid Cloud
Cloud Cruiser’s partnership with Microsoft stretches back to 2012 with the introduction of Microsoft System Center. Brad Andersen, who was then Corporate Vice President of Program Management for the Windows Server System Center business, recognized that it was important for Microsoft to provide an easy path for organizations to make the move to the cloud on their own terms, when they were ready. Read More>>
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