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March 2016
So you’ve moved to the cloud, and now you’re reaping the many benefits of your choice.
Resources are available on-demand and at any time.
Disaster-recovery is built in.
Scaling resources to fit your organization is no longer the time-consuming process it once was.
Deployments are faster, and so on.
How much are you spending to reap these rewards? Read More.

8 Spots to Seriously Trim Your Cloud Costs
Trim your cloud costs with proactive information about your cloud, such as under- or over-utilized VMs, unused storage, and runaway costs.
Cloud Cruiser’s powerful Insights capability automatically informs you when there are areas you can save money or optimize cloud resources savings.
Read More

5 Tagging Strategies for AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud – Part 1
Managing hundreds or thousands of AWS, Azure, and Google cloud resources without a proper tagging strategy in place can be very challenging and time consuming, leading to problems ranging from operational issues to undesired financial
Read More
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Interview with Cloud Cruiser on Public Cloud Options
How Cloud Consumption Myths Confuse the Cost Control Challenge
What Developers Need to Keep in Mind When Working on Cloud-Based Apps
Cloud Cruiser for Azure Public Cloud Now Available on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace Read More
Cloud Cruiser provides a leading application to meter, manage and optimize
the delivery of multi-cloud for business agility
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