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September 23, 2016

Cloud Smart in 6 Steps – Don’t Get Out(cloud)smarted

by Deirdre Mahon | CMO and Head of Customer Success | Cloud Cruiser  |  @dbmahon


As the saying goes, once you go hybrid you never go back.  OK I just made that up but it really seems that way from every piece of research I’ve read over the past two years (with 70% now doing hybrid) and with all the cloud provider news announcements that have been coming out in just the last couple of months, it’s safe to say that’s the winning strategy.  Cisco, HPE, IBM, Microsoft and the newly formed Dell Technologies are putting their stake in the ground and investing significant R&D dollars into hybrid cloud.  Dell Technologies has multiple cloud offerings within which VMware and Pivotal alone are of significant size.


It specifically resonated when I read this quote from Meg Whitman, stating HPE’s commitment to hybrid: “I want to be crystal clear — HPE is not getting out of software,” “Software is still a key enabler of our go-forward strategy, but we need the right assets to win in our target markets. Moving forward, we will double down on the software capabilities that power and differentiate our infrastructure solutions and are critical in a cloud environment.” The company will continue to focus on software as it applies to its hybrid IT and infrastructure solutions, she said.


Let’s all agree on one thing.  Once you start deploying hybrid, the complexity level goes up exponentially and you need a team who not only provision and monitor performance but who now must dedicate time and effort to watching usage and spend because it can get seriously out of control.  Hybrid gives you amazing choice and more importantly great flexibility that allows you to keep your most treasured “crown-jewel” applications secure and accessible from within the confines of your data center and under the watchful eye of your internal DevOps team or perhaps that of a trusted services provider.


A critical component of hybrid services delivery is the pay-as-you-go or consumption based metering and management.  Now if you can’t even measure, you will never be able to get ahead and let’s face it, the flexing from one vendor’s services to the next will significantly slow down.  In order to take full advantage of all the great benefits the cloud provides, you need to become cloud smart. What do we mean by cloud smart?  In a nutshell it means you are the smartest one in the room and you have full control over what services you choose, what you deliver, and how you ultimately leverage and pay for cloud services. As well, it’s about avoiding unpleasant surprises.


It’s time you took control of your own cloud destiny.  I encourage you to ask yourself 6 critical questions and if you don’t have a clear answer for the first one, you will be in a world of hybrid cloud hurt very quickly.


1.   Can you automate and collect hybrid cloud usage and normalize into one single view or system?


2.  Can you enrich your technical usage and rate data with business context for hybrid cloud services?


3.  Can you quickly visualize the data in charts and graphs that tell you exactly what is going on with hybrid cloud consumption?


4.  Can you plan for cloud usage and spend next month, next quarter or next year?


5.  Do you have processes or tools today that can better control cloud spend so you avoid any waste?


6.  Can you share what’s going on with all stakeholders today with reliable metrics and KPIs on cloud consumption and spend?



Watch this on-demand webcast, Cloud Smart in 6 Steps, where you will learn how to become cloud smart.  In just 6 easy steps that encompass processes and tools, you will know what it takes to be in control of your own cloud destiny.


I’ll leave you with some final thoughts.  If you avoid getting smart with your cloud, the providers will catch up.  I can guarantee they will “outsmart” you. Unnecessary spending and frustrating days trying to figure out what you used will keep you awake at night.


It doesn’t have to be this way. In just one simple step you can trial the app yourself.  Follow this link, fill in just 4 fields and you will be off the starting line to becoming cloud smart.