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Cloud Smart Series: How to Model Future Cloud Costs

0January 12th, 2017 Filed Under

Being able to accurately predict the impact of a future state based on your own historical usage patterns is an invaluable tool for fact-based decisions to support your cloud investments, accurate cost projections for more reliable budgets and cost savings for underutilized or non-critical services. Read More >>

Cloud Smart in 6 Steps – Don’t Get Out(cloud)smarted

0September 23rd, 2016 Filed Under

Once you start deploying hybrid, the complexity level goes up exponentially and you need a team who not only provision and monitor performance but who now must dedicate time and effort to watching usage and spend because it can get seriously out of control. Read More >>

Cloud Smart Series: Business Mapping; How to Enrich Your Cloud Data from External Sources

0September 16th, 2016 Filed Under

Making business sense out of techie cloud data is a challenge for organizations utilizing public and private cloud services. In this blog, we show step-by-step instructions for how to import and associate external business data so you can make better business decisions about your cloud consumption. Read More >>

Cloud Smart Series: How to Apply Tags to Historical Data

0September 6th, 2016 Filed Under

Consistent tagging is the key to better cloud cost allocation and reporting but what do you do if you need to add or update tags on historical data? See a step-by-step blog on how to automate tagging - both for future AND past data. Read More >>

Getting What You Pay for with Cloud.  

0August 31st, 2016 Filed Under

Leading analyst firm Gartner identifies a new market category called Cloud Services Expense Management (CSEM) which addresses the growing need for software to meter, manage, and optimize cloud services. Learn more in this blog. Read More >>