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2017 – Will the Rooster Cross the Bridge?

What will the Year of the Rooster bring to the business of cloud? Faster pace of cloud adoption, continued investment in security, DevOps innovation, partnerships between the old guard and the new, just to name a few. Read More >>

Cloud Complexity and its Soft Underbelly

Cloud may be over a decade old but it's still displaying “pre-teen” immaturity. There is no question the pace of innovation is as fast as we have ever witnessed in technology’s history, but adoption continues to be slow due to the complex decisions that must be made before you provision your first VM. Read More >>

If Cloud is a Numbers Game, What’s Yours?

Cloud numbers are big and getting bigger. Spend continues to go up. But the numbers that are concerning are around investment mismanagement. Are you fully optimized and spending only what you need? Read More >>

VMware and More…We’re Ready for ANY.

Visit Booth #343 next week at VMworld San Francisco to see Cloud Cruiser's financial management solution for VMware environments - plus Azure, AWS, OpenStack, and more. Read More >>

The Most Overlooked Test in Your Cloud Pilot

Your cloud pilot project presents the perfect opportunity to set the stage for effective management of your cloud resources and dollars. Read More >>