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Cloud Metrics That Matter: How to Deliver Better Reports with Azure Tags

1May 22nd, 2017 Filed Under

How do you make your Azure metrics and KPIs more relevant and meaningful to your business leaders? You need to start out by leveraging the data you receive from Microsoft and build from there. There are numerous things you can do to augment the data to make it more meaningful and relevant to your unique business use-case. Read this blog to learn some best practices for Azure tagging. Read More >>

2017 – Will the Rooster Cross the Bridge?

What will the Year of the Rooster bring to the business of cloud? Faster pace of cloud adoption, continued investment in security, DevOps innovation, partnerships between the old guard and the new, just to name a few. Read More >>

4 Tips for Cloud Budgets You Can Trust

Amazon Web Services (AWS) recently announced improvements to their budgeting capabilities, shedding light on the importance of budgets and alerts in the cloud. But is it enough? In this blog, we explore 4 tips to help you plan and manage budgets across clouds, services, and users. Read More >>

re:Inventing the AWS Superhero

0December 1st, 2016 Filed Under

In 2016 alone, AWS has added over 1000 new features across their 70 distinct services, with a focus on performance, scale, and automation - all at the lowest possible cost. Clearly this is the year that AWS turns developers into superheroes. Read More >>

Cloud Complexity and its Soft Underbelly

Cloud may be over a decade old but it's still displaying “pre-teen” immaturity. There is no question the pace of innovation is as fast as we have ever witnessed in technology’s history, but adoption continues to be slow due to the complex decisions that must be made before you provision your first VM. Read More >>