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re:Inventing the AWS Superhero

0December 1st, 2016 Filed Under

In 2016 alone, AWS has added over 1000 new features across their 70 distinct services, with a focus on performance, scale, and automation - all at the lowest possible cost. Clearly this is the year that AWS turns developers into superheroes. Read More >>

The Five Components of the Fully Tuned Cloud

The fully tuned cloud is one that operates with efficiency in both performance and cost. And while overall cloud adoption is increasing, optimization efforts are seriously lagging with tasks such as shutting down unused services, rightsizing instances, selecting lower cost providers or taking advantage of discounted pricing opportunities being pursued by only a small percentage of organizations. Read More >>

5 Tips to Minimize Risk and Optimize AWS Reserved Instances

Being able to properly purchase, modify, and sell AWS Reserved Instances is the only way to get their promised savings, but the process to optimize them can quickly become a time suck. Learn 5 tips that will help you leverage the benefits of RIs. Read More >>

How to manage configuration at scale

By automating the entire process of resource management (AWS, Azure. VMware, etc.) and the systems that live on these systems, it does not matter if we have 10, 100, or a 1000 machines -- it's not much additional effort to manage their configuration at scale. See a real world example here. Read More >>