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4 Tips for Cloud Budgets You Can Trust

Amazon Web Services (AWS) recently announced improvements to their budgeting capabilities, shedding light on the importance of budgets and alerts in the cloud. But is it enough? In this blog, we explore 4 tips to help you plan and manage budgets across clouds, services, and users. Read More >>

If Cloud is a Numbers Game, What’s Yours?

Cloud numbers are big and getting bigger. Spend continues to go up. But the numbers that are concerning are around investment mismanagement. Are you fully optimized and spending only what you need? Read More >>

Integrate That! Without the Data, You Have Nothing

In a world where more apps and systems are being provisioned in the cloud, you must follow the same level of discipline and track exactly what is going on in order to understand the value derived and hopefully continue with the investment. Read More >>

5 Biggest Myths about Controlling your Cloud

Cloud industry expert and VP of Products for Cloud Cruiser digs into 5 common myths around controlling multi-cloud usage and spend. Think usage and costs are easier to control in the cloud? Or that managing costs is an IT Finance job? Read on to uncover the truth behind cloud control. Read More >>

Does Your Cloud Need a Personal Trainer?

0January 19th, 2016 Filed Under

Estimates of how much cloud spending is wasted typically run around 30% so, clearly, there’s a lot of fat in everyone's clouds. Learn how to identify cloud waste and optimize your cloud resources. Read More >>