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The Five Components of the Fully Tuned Cloud

The fully tuned cloud is one that operates with efficiency in both performance and cost. And while overall cloud adoption is increasing, optimization efforts are seriously lagging with tasks such as shutting down unused services, rightsizing instances, selecting lower cost providers or taking advantage of discounted pricing opportunities being pursued by only a small percentage of organizations. Read More >>

5 Tips to Minimize Risk and Optimize AWS Reserved Instances

Being able to properly purchase, modify, and sell AWS Reserved Instances is the only way to get their promised savings, but the process to optimize them can quickly become a time suck. Learn 5 tips that will help you leverage the benefits of RIs. Read More >>

When Private Cloud Embraces Public

As the “old-guard” giants including HPE, IBM, Dell/EMC embrace hybrid cloud strategies, the public cloud providers continue to grow their customer base taking net-new projects and some on-premise workloads. Is there a place for both provider types? Read More >>

The “Uberification” of IT – Cloud is the new normal

0November 20th, 2015 Filed Under

In the new 'Uber' economy, Business and IT teams connect cloud services to meet user requirements and ultimately business goals. It’s all about delivering micro-services to satisfy a very specific need with a fast, scalable, and lower cost model. Read More >>

VMware and More…We’re Ready for ANY.

Visit Booth #343 next week at VMworld San Francisco to see Cloud Cruiser's financial management solution for VMware environments - plus Azure, AWS, OpenStack, and more. Read More >>