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Integrate That! Without the Data, You Have Nothing

In a world where more apps and systems are being provisioned in the cloud, you must follow the same level of discipline and track exactly what is going on in order to understand the value derived and hopefully continue with the investment. Read More >>

5 Biggest Myths about Controlling your Cloud

Cloud industry expert and VP of Products for Cloud Cruiser digs into 5 common myths around controlling multi-cloud usage and spend. Think usage and costs are easier to control in the cloud? Or that managing costs is an IT Finance job? Read on to uncover the truth behind cloud control. Read More >>

AWS and Beyond: Optimizing Costs in a Hybrid World

AWS customers are increasingly adopting hybrid cloud strategies, fueling the need for more efficient ways to manage and optimize service delivery and spend. Read More >>

Azure Billing API Integration Gives You Billing Data You Can Rely Upon

Microsoft announces Cloud Cruiser’s integration to the Azure Billing API, enabling businesses to better manage and optimize their cloud resources across Windows Azure Pack and Azure public cloud. Read More >>

Manage & Control Your Cloud Spend With Cloud Cruiser for Rackspace Private Cloud

0February 19th, 2014 Filed Under

Guest post provided by Rackspace   Self-service clouds have changed the way enterprises consume IT services. Corporations, public sector organizations and departments can easily initiate a relationship with an outside service provider to take advantage of all of the benefits … Read More >>