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Cloud Metrics That Matter: How to Deliver Better Reports with Azure Tags

1May 22nd, 2017 Filed Under

How do you make your Azure metrics and KPIs more relevant and meaningful to your business leaders? You need to start out by leveraging the data you receive from Microsoft and build from there. There are numerous things you can do to augment the data to make it more meaningful and relevant to your unique business use-case. Read this blog to learn some best practices for Azure tagging. Read More >>

4 Tips for Cloud Budgets You Can Trust

Amazon Web Services (AWS) recently announced improvements to their budgeting capabilities, shedding light on the importance of budgets and alerts in the cloud. But is it enough? In this blog, we explore 4 tips to help you plan and manage budgets across clouds, services, and users. Read More >>

What’s Wrong With Managing Cloud Costs on a Spreadsheet?

Many companies manage their cloud spending in a spreadsheet. However, as your cloud consumption starts to grow over time, it becomes more and more of a challenge to maintain the spreadsheet as your main cost management tool. The reasons are multiple and this post covers some of those challenges. Read More >>

Tagging Strategies for Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud – Part 2

No matter if you’re using Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Service (AWS), Google Cloud, or another cloud provider, it’s important to have controls in place to identify tagging errors and provide the necessary information to the right person that can take action to fix them. Even better, you can use tools that automate the detection of these tagging issues and proactively correct them. Read More >>

Love Your Cloud? Time for Some Cloud TLC.

Everyone loves cloud but how much tender-loving-care are you providing your cloud? Recent studies show that cloud cost management has steadily risen as an area of concern, with 26% saying it’s a significant challenge. Read More >>