Amazon Cloud Service

Amazon Cloud Services


Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the clear public cloud leader, though Microsoft’s Azure is growing fast. AWS was the first of the “Big Three” (Amazon, Microsoft, and Google) to really commit to public cloud, so its dominance is partly a function of being around the longest.

However, AWS has also done a great job innovating, expanding from core Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) to more comprehensive Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offerings. From basic virtual machine capacity (EC2), to various flavors of storage (S3, EBS, Elastic File System, Glacier), to databases and data warehouses (RDS, DynamoDB, ElastiCache, Redshift), all of these services are extremely useful, easy to access, and easy to spend far more than you may intend when you first start out.

Why? In part, because they are so easy to access and the agility they provide can be addictive. But there is also the “driving with the rear-view mirror” problem – by the time you get the bill, the services have already been consumed (or, services you have paid for have not been consumed and were just wasted). AWS has a range of pricing options and for customers who want to buy services in advance in order to get preferred “bulk”pricing rates, there is AWS Reserved Instances.

AWS Cost Analysis

That’s why a cloud analytics application like Cloud Cruiser 16™ is so important – we collect your cost and usage data directly from the Billing and CloudWatch APIs and put it into a form that you can use to manage your consumption of cloud resources, so you can maximize the value of your cloud investments. We typically collect data nightly, so you are basing decisions on up-to-date information and can deal with situations before they turn into problems.

Cloud Cruiser 16 takes the IT-centric data that AWS provides and puts it into a form that makes sense for your business, so you can enjoy the benefits of cloud as efficiently and effectively as possible. Cloud Cruiser’s cloud analytics application provides the cost management capabilities you need to manage your Amazon cloud services, in a flexible, powerful, easy-to-use form.