While public cloud has numerous benefits, the vast majority of mid-size to large enterprises continue to run a significant portion (if not all) of their workloads in on-premise or hosted datacenters. Whether these workloads are in virtualized environments like VMware’s vCenter, or private clouds such as Microsoft Windows Azure Pack (WAP), the ability to meter, manage, and optimize services is a critical requirement for business decision makers.

Cloud Cruiser’s PrivateCollect now delivers an automated collect and publish engine, delivering the powerful insights and optimization capabilities of Cloud Cruiser’s industry leading application to organizations utilizing vCenter or WAP.

With PrivateCollect, you can:

  • Meter and manage your public, private, and virtualized services with a single pane view
  • Perform What-If cost modeling across on-premise and public cloud services workloads
  • Deliver comprehensive reports, such as a Bill of IT for showback or chargeback
  • Gain automated Insights for all of your workloads in your own custom dashboard to make fast decisions and control spend.

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