Cloud Cruiser 16™

Get ready for an entirely new way to manage usage and costs for your multi-cloud services – faster, easier, and so much smarter. That’s Cloud Cruiser 16.

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Simply connect to your cloud(s) and in minutes, your dashboard lights up with charts, reports, and personalized insights based on YOUR cloud data

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Getting started with Cloud Cruiser 16 is as easy as selecting the cloud sources you’d like to collect from and entering your credentials. Within minutes, reports and dashboards light up with detailed insights about your cloud usage and spend. You can collect from one or more cloud sources depending on your environment.

Smart Tagging

SmartTags allow you to add business logic to your cloud data in order to make your reports, charts, and dashboards more meaningful. Using Cloud Cruiser’s intuitive SmartTag interface, users create rules that define how the data should be enriched in order to align with their own business requirements. Create the rule once, and the data will automatically be enhanced whenever it is collected –you can even apply rules to historical data.


Once you’ve collected your cloud data and enriched it with business logic, Cloud Cruiser provides numerous ways to visualize and analyze your data. Basically, we help you identify who is using how much of what resources – and what it’s costing you. Cloud Cruiser delivers a rich set of out-of-the-box reports that quickly answer questions to commonly asked questions, as well as a comprehensive Bill of IT for showback-chargeback. We also provide a simple drag-and-drop reporting experience so you can create and share reports in a matter of minutes.

Pre-built reports include:

Bill of IT

Quickly create a comprehensive Bill of IT for showback, chargeback, or billing of cloud services.


Forecast future spend by provider, resource, department, or any other fields available.

Custom Dashboard

Get a single pane of glass view of all of your hybrid cloud services and customize according to the needs of your users.

Flexible Budgets

Control spend based on any dimension, such as by resource, subscription, department, or app.


Ultimately, what customers want is a fully optimized cloud environment. Cloud Cruiser 16 goes beyond reports and analytics to provide detailed, fact-based optimization recommendations – and the ability to quickly and easily implement them. This helps organizations shorten the distance from Insight to Decision to Action.

Cloud Cruiser’s optimization capabilities include our Actionable Insights, What-If Cost Modeler, and AWS Reserved Instance Advisor.

Actionable Insights

Lower your costs, optimize your resources, and identify unusual behavior with actionable insights like this Underutilized VM insight.

What-If Cost Modeler

Model your costs across different services or different cloud providers for proactive planning and cost optimization.

AWS Reserved Instance Advisor

Optimize your AWS Reserved Instances with automated buy, sell, or modification recommendations.

AWS Reserved Instance Advisor Detail

Get hourly RI usage information and perform buy, sell, or modification recommendations right from the Cloud Cruiser portal.


We believe being “Cloud Smart” is a critical requirement to success when serving your business users. Knowing exactly who is using what cloud and how much will not only enable you to move faster when more demands come but your business users will thank you for giving them clarity and taking control.