Our Company

Cloud Cruiser is focused on providing world-class software solutions to manage the business of IT. Led by a team of experienced tech industry executives, we are committed to helping customers that are managing the cloud deliver the best IT services and business value possible.

Cloud Cruiser offers cloud cost management solutions purpose-built to meter and manage hybrid cloud environments, providing near real-time visibility, control, and agility for competitive business advantage.  With Cloud Cruiser, organizations gain clear, comprehensive visibility of their cloud usage and spend across public, private, and on premise, virtual environments.

Uniquely architected for hybrid cloud and multi-cloud environments, Cloud Cruiser does the following:

  • Automates the collection and transformation of cloud usage and costs across public cloud, private cloud or hybrid environments.
  • Delivers clear, actionable Insights that identify specific areas to minimize costs, optimize resources, or troubleshoot potential problems
  • Offers flexible budgets, alerts, and forecasts for cost control and planning
  • Enables holistic, business-relevant showback and chargeback across multiple cloud platforms
  • Drives collaboration and governance across various roles in the business via automated standard reports and simple drag-and-drop report authoring capabilities
Meet our CEO, Dave Zabrowski

Our vision is to be the key enabler for enterprises and cloud service providers to achieve their financial goals in the new cloud economy. Our value proposition is so strong that we guarantee companies achieve the low cost promise of the cloud... Read More

Our Investors

Cloud Cruiser is funded by some of the top venture capital firms in the world. These companies have an impressive track record for investing in category leaders. Read More

Careers at Cloud Cruiser

Not only is cloud computing transforming today’s IT world, but investment in cloud computing software is also expected to grow in leaps and bounds during the next decade. In the entire high-tech world, this is clearly one of the most exciting and opportunity-filled places to be. Read More