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Digital transformation is not just about moving to cloud’s “pay-as-you-go” services. The bigger and by far more challenging question is related to how you actually transform your business processes and get out of the data center business. Read More

With businesses across the globe moving more workloads to the cloud, the challenges of managing usage and spending is escalating. Learn how Cloud Cruiser makes it easy to manage, model, and optimize cloud costs in a multi-currency world. Read More

HPE announces that it will acquire Cloud Cruiser in order to enhance HPE’s Flexible Capacity offering with support for Windows Azure Stack and other services, as well as continue the rapid pace of innovation in the SaaS app, Cloud Cruiser 16™. Read More

Being able to accurately predict the impact of a future state based on your own historical usage patterns is an invaluable tool for fact-based decisions to support your cloud investments, accurate cost projections for more reliable budgets and cost savings for underutilized or non-critical services. Read More

What will the Year of the Rooster bring to the business of cloud? Faster pace of cloud adoption, continued investment in security, DevOps innovation, partnerships between the old guard and the new, just to name a few. Read More