AWS Cost Analysis



Cloud Cruiser for Amazon Web Services

Cloud Cruiser provides an out-of-the-box integration to AWS, enabling enterprises to track all of their Amazon public cloud spending and map it back to the business unit, department, project, or user consuming those resources. With Amazon resources so easy to procure, it’s critical for enterprises to have AWS monitoring tools to ensure that IT spending stays under control. As well, it's important that IT gain clear visibility into cloud usage in order to make the most cost effective decisions around purchasing and managing Reserved Instances (RIs).

For most large enterprises, AWS is just a portion of their overall computing spend. Cloud Cruiser adds enormous value because it is designed from the ground up for hybrid cloud environments and can automate the collection, pricing, and chargeback of costs from AWS and any other public or private cloud platform. You can eliminate hours spent pouring over spreadsheets and gain automatic cost transparency and chargeback in minutes by having a single holistic view to all your costs from one place.

With Cloud Cruiser for Amazon Web Services, you can:

  • Automate chargeback of your AWS resources and other public and private cloud environments in your enterprise
  • Get advanced intelligence into your AWS resources – including their performance, utilization and operational health - with an out-of-the-box CloudWatch collector
  • Manage your AWS Reserved Instances better by gaining visibility into the optimal RI/on-demand resource allocation mix and mapping RI usage back to consumers – departments, projects, cost centers, or even individuals.
  • Transition to IT-as-a-Service with agile pricing models for public, private, and hybrid cloud costs
  • Offer secure, self-service customer cost portals for anytime AWS cost analysis
  • Be up and running in minutes with Cloud Cruiser’s built-in collector for AWS