Cloud Cruiser for Cisco Intelligent Automation for Cloud

Cloud Cruiser and Cisco have partnered to provide an out-of-the-box cloud financial management system for Cisco Intelligent Automation for Cloud. Through this partnership, Cloud Cruiser provides visibility into the costs of physical, virtualized, and cloud resources, as well as storage, network, application, and non-compute IT resources. We can track both the costs and the revenue realized from services being deployed, which enables service providers and enterprise IT departments to manage the profitability of their cloud services and align their business goals with IT spending.

Cloud Cruiser's cloud financial management solution provides heterogeneous cost transparency, flexible pricing models, and the ability to set budgets and alerts for resources provisioned within Cisco Intelligent Automation for Cloud. With a full suite of out-of-the-box reports, P&L statements, and granular BI analytics, customers can analyze their IT data as deeply or broadly as they need to, implement chargeback and billing, and ultimately achieve the true cost savings of their Cisco cloud.

With Cloud Cruiser for Cisco IAC, you can:

  • Aggregate the costs of services deployed from Cisco IAC and charge back on a per-usage basis to your cloud tenants
  • Integrate additional IT costs, such as those from other traditional and cloud based computing platforms, service management, facilities, and software licenses, for complete IT financial management and profit maximization
  • Automate reporting and billing at any level of granularity and provide self-service cost portals for anytime access to usage and spending
  • Encourage fiscal responsibility by implementing spending budgets and automatic alert notifications
  • Be up and running in minutes with Cloud Cruiser’s built-in collector for Cisco Intelligent Automation for Cloud