Cloud Service Automation

Cloud Cruiser is a certified partner and offers the only complete financial management solution built specifically for CloudSystem. Designed to integrate with both the entry-level configurations of CloudSystem Matrix and the full-scale deployments of CloudSystem Enterprise, our enterprise chargeback and multi-tenant billing solution is the perfect complement to HPE’s agile, scalable cloud solutions.

With Cloud Cruiser's cloud financial management solution, you’ll also gain heterogeneous cost transparency, agile pricing models, user-friendly reports, BI analytics, and secure, self-service access to your CloudSystem billing data. Whether you’re an enterprise or a cloud service provider, we give you the financial intelligence you need to achieve the true cost savings of your HPE cloud.

With Cloud Cruiser for CloudSystem, you can:

  • Automate chargeback and multi-tenant billing for resources provisioned from CloudSystem Matrix, Cloud Service Automation, or any other computing platform in your datacenter
  • Achieve holistic IT cost transparency of both your computing and operational costs for the cloud and your traditional IT infrastructure
  • Implement agile pricing models such as variable, tiered, promotional, and scheduled adjustments
  • Deliver financial intelligence with custom HP CloudSystem reports, invoices, top costs, trends, and P&L statements
  • Control spending with self-service budgets and automatic alert notifications
  • Be up and running in minutes with Cloud Cruiser’s built-in collector for CloudSystem