Microsoft Azure

Cloud Cruiser for Microsoft Azure

Cloud Cruiser provides an out-of-the-box integration to Microsoft Azure, delivering detailed cloud usage and cost tracking for enterprise accounts. The automated data collection and transformation process takes full advantage of the hourly granularity of the API to provide accurate detail and visibility into who is using how much of each Azure service. Cloud Cruiser leverages granular consumption information to analyze usage trends, identify under- or over-provisioned resources, forecast future demand, and perform chargeback and billing for Azure management.

For businesses leveraging multi-clouds, Cloud Cruiser provides a holistic view of consumption and spending across Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud Platform, delivering rich insights and reporting in a single pane of glass.

With Cloud Cruiser for Azure, you can:

  • Automate collection of your Azure resources and other public clouds to provide single pane of glass reporting and analytics
  • Provide detailed cost allocation by business function, environment, project, and more
  • Offer secure, self-service customer cost portals for drag-and-drop reporting and dashboards
  • Be up and running in under 10 minutes with push-button collectors, reports, and insights for Azure

Azure Marketplace Offering

Cloud Cruiser 16 for Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Cloud Cruiser provides an automated, end-to-end solution which offers rich out-of-the-box reports, views, and advanced analytics to help control, forecast, and optimize hybrid cloud consumption. Cloud Cruiser 16 delivers the most powerful analytics for the broadest range of hybrid cloud of any SaaS application today and includes several industry-unique capabilities.

Windows Azure Pack

Cloud Cruiser for Windows Azure Pack

Windows Azure Pack (WAP) orchestrates several resource providers to manage a private cloud. These providers post usage data for services such as databases, websites, and VMs to the WAP usage database. Cloud Cruiser's Microsoft Windows Azure Pack solution queries the Windows Azure Pack Usage API for this usage data, as well as data about subscription events. You will see charges for usage related to:

  • Various sizes of virtual machines
    • VM storage allocated
      • VM storage used (optional)
        • SQL Server database access and space
          • MySQL Server access and space
            • Webspaces allocated
              • Incoming and outgoing network traffic (for a website)

              With Cloud Cruiser for Windows Azure Pack, you can:

              • Automate chargeback and multi-tenant billing for resources provisioned from Windows Azure Pack
                • Implement agile pricing models such as variable, tiered, promotional, and scheduled adjustments
                  • Deliver financial intelligence with custom reports, invoices, top costs, trends, and P&L statements
                    • Control spending with self-service budgets and automatic alert notifications
                      • Be up and running in minutes with Cloud Cruiser’s built-in collector for Windows Azure Pack

                      NOTE: Windows Azure Pack is currently supported in Cloud Cruiser On-Prem.