Rackspace Private Cloud



Cloud Cruiser For Rackspace Cloud

Cloud Cruiser was the first financial management solution to support OpenStack and now integrates with Rackspace Private Cloud to provide a powerful business-savvy cloud solution.

With Cloud Cruiser for Rackspace Private Cloud, you can:

  • Automate chargeback and multi-tenant billing for your Rackspace private cloud, as well as other cloud and non-cloud environments across your data center
  • Analyze your cloud usage to understand how your organization is consuming services by business unit, department, project, geography, service type and more
  • Perform deep P&L analysis to lower costs across your organization
  • Accurately forecast future demand to proactively plan for additional capacity requirements, reutilization of assets, or periods of high demand
  • Offer secure, self-service customer cost portals for anytime access to usage and spending