Cloud Cost Control

Instant insights uncover any waste so you efficiently deliver the right services at the right cost to the business. All cloud consumers are accountable with reporting transparency.

Cloud Computing Cost Analysis

In the new world of cloud, controlling costs is an entirely new ballgame.  First there is the growing number of micro-services being offered by each provider.  Next is the increasing user reliance on services as a “must-have” rather than a “nice-to-have”.  Added to that is the fluctuating pricing models which introduce more complexity making it even harder to compare costs by workload and provider.

  • Avoid overspending with budgets and set automated alerts that notify when thresholds are approaching, reached, or exceeded.
  • With single pane dashboards, you immediately spot overages or problem areas that need attention such as under-provisioning with a specific workload.
  • With detailed usage history, you get an accurate view of current and future demand, giving you flexibility to make the best vendor decisions.

Infographic: Cost Management for Hybrid Cloud

This infographic explores the pace at which AWS customers are adopting public and hybrid clouds and their ability to understand and manage cloud costs.

KPIs & Reporting

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Cloud Usage Visibility

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