Managing hybrid cloud or multi-cloud environments is complex. With a single unified view, reliable reports and dashboards, you can trust your data to make better decisions.

Greater complexity and new challenges are introduced by delivering hybrid cloud or multi-cloud services to the business. The new world of self-service provisioning is here and business users have the know-how and wherewithal to gain quick services access with the goal of achieving faster time to value. The challenges come when cloud sprawl occurs and no one is watching the meter. The result is IT waste, which then causes projects to stall with questions arising around the value and returns to the business.

CIO’s, CFO’s and business leaders need an application to track exactly who is using which resource, how much, and at what cost.  Not just today but also for tomorrow.  With complete visibility across the enterprise, you make fast decisions, turn-on services to meet specific workloads and avoid costly emergency purchases.  Cloud Cruiser cloud mangement gives you full, up-to-date visibility and control so you stay on top of spend at all times.

Hybrid Cloud and Multi-Cloud Computing


  • Push-button data collection across hybrid cloud or multi-cloud platforms give you the most granular level detail for full visibility into who is consuming which service and how much it is costing the business.
  • Consumption and trending analytics across public and private cloud providers help you stay on top of spend by provider
  • Detailed analysis enables you to determine best execution venue for specific workloads
  • Up-to-minute reports and dashboards with insights allow you to optimize investments and make sure user demands are met at the right cost.

Infographic: Cost Management for Hybrid Cloud

This infographic explores the pace at which AWS customers are adopting public and hybrid clouds and their ability to understand and manage cloud costs.

Cloud Cost Control

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KPIs & Reporting

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