Cloud Usage Visibility

Achieve full visibility on cloud usage by user and costs across hybrid cloud services and predictably forecast to meet business demands, today and tomorrow.

Keeping track of cloud usage was easier in the early days of cloud sandboxing and test and dev use-cases. But now that cloud is being adopted as the de-facto standard in most companies, consumption is escalating across multiple clouds and getting clear visibility into who is using how much of what is becoming a real problem.

Cloud Cruiser helps businesses get accurate, up-to-date visibility into usage by

  • Collecting granular usage data and mapping it to your business in the way that you want it (…not the way we choose to give it to you)
  • Normalizing data across cloud platforms so reporting actually makes sense
  • Providing interactive dashboards that show you want you want and how you want it
  • Delivering Actionable Insights that pinpoint exactly where you can optimize your resources

Cost Transparency: I Can See Clearly Now

This webcast explores cost transparency and how it drives greater alignment with the needs of the business.


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Cloud Cost Control

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