AWS Reserved Instance (RI) Advisor

Cloud Cruiser’s RI Advisor™ helps customers maximize cost savings with AWS Reserved Instances (RIs) with a built-in recommendation engine. Based on hourly usage, Cloud Cruiser identifies the specific RI modifications, purchases, and sales that should be made to produce the lowest cost.


The RI Advisor gives you the ability to view data in both hourly and daily increments so that you get the most accurate view of your utilization. Configurable date ranges let you drill down into detailed historical usage over any period of time, ranging from days to years. You can even get more insight into previous transaction history to view prior buy and sell activities and most importantly, whether those actions succeeded.




Cloud Cruiser provides detailed charts to illustrate the breakeven point comparing the benefit timelines for potential Partial Upfront or Full Upfront purchases. This capability helps simplify the complicated process of RI management by recommending the modification, purchase, or sell decisions that should be made based on an organizations actual usage. The RI Advisor can also perform those recommendations directly from the Cloud Cruiser portal.