Cloud Budgeting And Alerts

Self-service provisioning is a wonderful thing in terms of agility and time to value, but it creates problems for organizations in the form of ‘sprawl,’ ‘Shadow IT,’ and inability to tightly control cloud costs.  To facilitate broad adoption and support from an IT organization, a cloud solution – be it public or private – must provide appropriate visibility and controls into cloud usage so that workloads can be monitored against pre-defined thresholds for cost and utilization.


Cloud Cruiser has rich budget and alerting capability that allows users to set pre-defined budgets for both usage and cost at a user, departmental, resource or custom defined level.



With Cloud Cruiser’s latest budget enhancements, organizations can:


  • Create both individual and centralized budgets
  • Share a budget with other users
  • Set different targets per period rather than just a repeating target
  • Create a budget sliced by a field, with a target for each value in that field
  • View chart and tabular views of historical performance against targets
  • Select email notification of a projected budget violation
  • Scope a budget with a multidimensional filter instead of just a single field value



Cloud Cruiser provides just the right amount of control to meet business needs, delivering proactive visibility into usage and cost to ensure that organizations reap the benefits of agile self-service provisioning while maintaining control over their IT spend.


To learn more about Cloud Cruiser’s budget capability, view this quick video.