Cloud Cruiser On-Premise


Cloud Cruiser is a software platform with leading capabilities to track hybrid IT services usage by user and costs. Cloud Cruiser Foundations™ and Insights™ work together providing the only end-to-end solution for consumption-based IT management.

With Cloud Cruiser On-Prem, you can:

  • Perform rate modeling, cost comparisons, and what-if scenario planning
  • Gain high-level insights into top costs, spending overages, and alerts
  • Monitor consumption patterns and forecast demand for services
  • Report on allocated vs. actual, trends, variances, and forecasted supply
  • Understand usage by datacenter, department, tower, geo, and more

5 minute overview of Cloud Cruiser's on-premise solution.

Who We Serve


Enterprise IT professionals are under constant pressure to deliver a wide range of services at a faster pace and lower cost. Faced with sourcing decisions that span public and private clouds, you lack accurate visibility into the consumption, usage, and costs of supplying those IT services. Leaders like you are expected to provide IT cost transparency, performance metrics, and cost controls which requires a fundamental shift in the way you track and manage your IT service costs.

Run IT Like a Business

To deliver superior business value in the current competitive landscape, you need to align services delivery with the needs of the business customers you serve. IT professionals must:

  • Transition to a consumption-based IT delivery model in order to clearly articulate the cost and quality of services across a variety of platforms and vendors.
  • Monitor consumption trends and forecasts to eliminate costly service interruptions or expensive over-provisioning.
  • Deliver quality decision insights to your LOBs in order to align business demands with IT services costs.
  • Provide accurate, fair, and defensible reporting of IT usage by user and costs.

Manage and Optimize Your Hybrid Cloud Environment

There are an exploding number of choices in how IT services can be delivered – physical, virtual, public, private, and hybrid cloud – and you need to decide which combination provides the greatest agility and lowest cost to your business. To manage your hybrid cloud environment effectively and efficiently, you need to:

  • Map consumption and costs to the users consuming those services – across your entire computing environment.
  • Improve decision making and fiscal accountability by automating showback/IT chargeback reporting across your enterprise.
  • Use what-if modeling, forecasting, and consumption trends to project service delivery costs based on actual usage.
  • Cloud Service Providers

    The Cloud Service Provider market is both dynamic and highly competitive. Small regional providers compete against large global corporations, with differentiation on a number of levels. Performance, security, price, and overall service quality are key to success. Agility is also critical and applies to more than just the technology you offer – it applies to the service you deliver, the rates you charge, and the speed with which you can react to the changing demands of your customers.

    Cloud Cruiser’s feature-rich metering and billing platform can help large and small Service Providers scale larger, grow faster and compete more effectively.

    Automate Your Usage-Based Billing

    End-of-month statements with lump-sum billing amounts are no longer acceptable. Your customers demand real-time visibility into their per-use costs – something your traditional billing systems and spreadsheets are simply not built for.

    • Cut your billing cycle from weeks to minutes with automated billing statements across your entire services portfolio.
    • Improve productivity and eliminate costly credits with customer self-service billing reconciliation.
    • Automatically generate charges based on any number of pricing models, including pass-thru, variable, tiered, promotional, and state-based.

    Scale Your Hosting Business Effortlessly

    You need to be able to react quickly to market changes and increasing customer demands. That means fast user on-boarding, flexible pricing engines to beat competitors, and self-service reporting and billing to empower your customers. Your services billing and management system should help to grow your business and not hold you back.

    • Quickly connect to new platforms with out-of-the-box collectors and wizard-based installations.
    • Effortlessly onboard customers with interfaces to LDAP, Salesforce, WorkDay, and more.
    • Spend less time jockeying spreadsheets and more time growing your business with automated reporting, intelligent decision insights, and self-service financial analytics.

    Run Your Business More Efficiently

    Cloud Cruiser enables you to stay focused on your core technology offerings and customer service while we take care of the financials and reporting. Unlock usage and cost information to discover opportunities for further optimization, improved resource utilization, and profitability.

    • Proactively manage your IT supply and demand to eliminate IT service disruptions or expensive over-provisioning.
    • Automatically identify which customers and services are most profitable so you can optimize your pricing and service delivery.
    • Create customized top-line executive dashboards and manage your business at a glance.

Problems We Solve

IT Cost Transparency

Delivering hybrid cloud services to the business brings a level of complexity and challenge when managing costs and budget. Shadow IT is today’s reality and when project scope is not being managed, cloud sprawl brings budget over-runs and eventual IT waste. The CIO and IT operations teams need a solution to track and see exactly who is using which resource, how much, and at what cost. With complete visibility across the enterprise, you make fast decisions, move workloads and avoid costly emergency purchases. Cloud Cruiser gives you full, up-to-date clarity so you can stay on top of IT spend at all times.

  • Programmatically automate data collection at the most granular level giving you full visibility into who is consuming which IT services and how much is being spent.
  • Up-to-minute reports and dashboards give you insights and the assurance that user IT demands are met at the right cost.

Chargeback and Billing

Cloud Cruiser provides a single reporting and billing solution to meet your hybrid IT needs. You no longer have to spend days or weeks manipulating spreadsheets or manually consolidating bills from various cloud providers. Cloud Cruiser automatically takes care of providing showback and chargeback reporting in a format that your business users understand. For CSP’s, billing is timely and accurate, allowing your business to run efficiently at scale so you can focus on what’s important.

  • Detailed consumption data is aggregated and transformed into standard terms that your business can understand.
  • Data mapping is flexible, enabling you to align cost reporting to your unique business processes including LOB, department, function, geo, data center or down to the actual user or VM.
  • Automatic billing takes into account rate adjustments and a variety of pricing models such as fixed, variable and tiered.

Cost Control

We are laser focused on helping our customers achieve the greatest level of cost control. On the journey to the cloud, you have likely shifted to a metering or consumption-based model and it can become burdensome to track spend across your entire enterprise or customer base. With Cloud Cruiser you get a financial control plane to efficiently deliver the right IT services at the right cost to the business. In this way, you not only avoid cost overruns from errors such as over-allocation but you satisfy the business users and become a trusted advisor.

  • Avoid overspending with budgets and automated alerts that notify users when thresholds are approaching, reached, or exceeded.
  • With single-pane dashboards, you immediately spot overages or problem areas that need attention such as under-provisioning in a specific data center.
  • With detailed history on usage, you get a more accurate view of current and future demand, giving you flexibility to make the best vendor decisions.

Hybrid Cloud Management

As you transition to a hybrid cloud model, it becomes increasingly difficult to manage your costs across disparate platforms and vendors. Service offerings, rates, and plans constantly change and you need to be able to predict what your costs will be over the next month, quarter or year. Your team spends hours each week reconciling invoices from various cloud providers and by the time you are finished, it is too late to make any adjustments or re-allocate workloads. With more than 75% of enterprises planning to operate a hybrid cloud strategy in 2015, a financial management solution tailored to hybrid cloud is now a business imperative.

  • Usage dashboards report on actual spend incurred and show comparisons by provider, even against on-premise or hosted offerings.
  • Powerful decision analytics can compare costs associated with the same workload running on public clouds such as Microsoft Azure or Amazon AWS vs. your private cloud.
  • With powerful information at your fingertips, you not only optimize service delivery now but also ensure the business stays competitive by proactively managing future IT services. In that way, you are the trusted advisor for the business.


    Decision Analytics
  • Powerful interactive analytics dashboards for ad-hoc queries, flexible data visualizations, and actionable insights

  • Quick Answer Reporting
  • Simple-to-use standardized reports, including invoices, top costs, trends, and P&L

  • What-If Modeling
  • Sophisticated scenario modeling tool for vendor cost comparisons, rate modeling, and impact planning

  • Forecasting
  • Flexible forecasting models to project IT supply and demand

  • Enterprise Showback and Chargeback
  • Collection and organizational mapping of enterprise-wide consumption and costs across public clouds, private clouds, and traditional IT

  • Service Provider Billing
  • Automated customer invoice preparation and distribution
  • Self-service customer reporting portals

  • Budgets and Alerts
  • Automated alert notifications when thresholds are approaching, reached, or exceeded

  • Flexible Pricing
  • Sophisticated pricing models include fixed, variable, tiered, promotional, resource state-based, allocated vs. utilized, and more

  • Interactive Data Transformation
  • Flexible WYSIWYG interface for data transformation and load processing

  • Robust Integrations
  • Open APIs for easy integration to billing systems, corporate dashboards, and cloud management consoles
  • Out-of-the-box wizard-based integration to industry-leading private and public cloud platforms, applications, storage management systems, and more