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Cloud Cruiser Core

  • What type of data can Cloud Cruiser collect?

    Cloud Cruiser collects data from multiple cloud providers, such as Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform, as well as external sources that enrich that data.
    At this time, Cloud Cruiser does not provide support for Azure Government cloud or Azure China.
  • How often is the data collected?

    Data collection is automatically performed nightly, however you can launch a collection at any time from within the Cloud Cruiser product.
  • How does my cloud data get assigned to an organizational structure?

    Cloud Cruiser lets you map cloud usage to your specific business requirements using simple lookup tables and SmartTags.
    You can define multiple views of your data to provide maximum reporting flexibility. For example, when you create a customer invoice, you'll want to organize your cost data by customer name or account number. If you want to see how much you are spending on a particular type of technology (say, servers), you'll want to organize your data by resource group. Cloud Cruiser provides unlimited flexibility so you can make your data work for you.

Reporting & Analytics

  • What reporting options are available within Cloud Cruiser?

    The product provides multiple reporting experiences:
    • Predefined Reports: Cloud Cruiser provides a full suite of out-of-the-box reports that are designed to answer the most common questions about cloud usage, costs, trends, and forecasts. The reports can be customized by any available fields and dates.
      • Predefined Views: A predefined View ships out-of-the-box and contains charts and reports, such as top cloud spend, forecasts, and budgets, and are based on knowledge gained in hundreds of customer installations. The predefined View provides a good starting point for new customers and can be modified to suit any user requirements.
      • Custom Reports and Views: The Cloud Cruiser experience is one of complete flexibility. Reports and Views can be easily created from our library of widgets, enabling anyone with report authoring privileges to customize reports and charts to meet their needs.
      • Drag-and-Drop Reports: Reports can quickly be created or edited using an Excel-like drag-and-drop authoring capability within the product. Field families help tailor the relevant data for end users and delivering a true self-service experience.
  • What standard reports are provided with the product?

    Standard reports are continually added to the product. A brief description of the general reporting categories are as follows:

    • Bill of IT
    • VM Utilization
    • VM Details
    • Cost by Region
    • Monthly Cost by Provider
    • Service Drilldown
    • Azure - AccountOwner Cost by Week
    • Azure - Organizational Drilldown

  • What type of cloud analytics can I perform?

    In addition to the standard reports, Cloud Cruiser offers a robust analytics platform which allows customers to create an almost infinite array of reports and dashboards using a simple drag-and-drop interface. IT cost data can be reported on in any number of combinations, such as by department, geography, business function,or resource, to allow for data analysis at any depth and breadth. The analytics platform provides a number of interactive data visualization options, including bar charts, pie charts, and scatter plots so you can more easily spot trends, outliers, and other key business factors. All of these capabilities work in real time, so you can see the results of your reporting and data visualization as you work.
  • What export options are available for my reports?

    Export options include:>
    PDFPortable Document Format
    CSVComma-Separated Values
  • What if a customer needs data output in a format that is not offered standard?

    Cloud Cruiser offers consulting services to develop customized output formats. Pricing is determined based on the scope of work.


  • How does Cloud Cruiser implement security?

    At Cloud Cruiser, we recognize that the data you are entrusting to our application is both sensitive and vital to the ability to run your business. That is why we work tirelessly to ensure that your data is secure and accessible only to those who have the need and right to see it. User permissions within the application itself are highly granular, ensuring that access to information can be very tightly controlled – users can see what they need to, and no more. Cloud Cruiser is tested for common security issues, including cross-site scripting and SQL injection/parameterized query attacks

Pricing Information

  • How often am I billed for Cloud Cruiser? Can I pay monthly?

    Cloud Cruiser is available as an annual subscription. For more pricing information, visit our pricing page.
  • What happens if I add more users or cloud sources in the middle of my main subscription?

    User packs or additional cloud sources purchased during the billing cycle for your main subscription will be pro-rated to cover the rest of the current billing period. When you renew the following year, those additional subscriptions will then be on the same billing cycle as your main subscription.