Insights For You And Your Cloud Manager

Cloud Cruiser Insights are intelligent cloud analytics that alert you to situations in your cloud that are either costing you money or are potentially harming your environment in some other way. For example, you or your cloud manager can be alerted when the cost for a department increases suddenly, or when you are paying for a VM that no one is using. Cloud Cruiser provides several out-of-the-box Insights that are triggered immediately as your cloud data is collected. From the point of entering your cloud credentials to the first Insight lighting up on your dashboard is literally a matter of minutes, providing instant awareness of potential savings or optimization opportunities.




image_Insight_Application Cost Increase


Each Insight consists of rules and thresholds. The rules define which fields should be monitored and when an alert should be triggered. Depending on the rule, you may want to define an absolute threshold (when a value exceeds a specific amount) and/or a relative threshold (when a value is exceeded by a defined percentage). This provides the greatest flexibility so that you can set alerts when a value increases or decreases by a certain percentage – but only if that percentage increase takes it above or below a certain value. This ensures that you are only getting alerts when there is a problem of a meaningful magnitude.


For each Insight, Cloud Cruiser provides both a Visualization and a Tabular Report that illustrates the data that your Insight is based upon.  Color-coded lines are provided on the chart to show you where you are approaching and/or exceeding your defined thresholds. The charts are interactive, enabling you to click within the chart to view specific values, and the tabular reports show detailed data so that you can troubleshoot the alerts right on the spot.


The out-of-the-box Insights are based on common cloud scenarios and provide a great starting point for fact-based cloud management. A subset of available Insights include:


  • Underutilized VMs
  • Overutilized VMs
  • AWS Reserved Instance Candidate
  • Azure Department Cost Increased
  • Application Cost Increase
  • Region Cost Increase
  • Service Cost Increase
  • Product Cost Increase
  • AWS EBS Insight


In addition to the out-of-the-box Insights, Cloud Cruiser provides complete flexibility to create your own custom Insights so you can keep tabs on the cloud analytics that are important to your business. Rules and thresholds are defined in simple sentence format, with pull-down menus of available fields. As you build your Insights rules, the charts build automatically, enabling you to validate that the Insights you’re defining are actually producing the results you’re expecting. This live build functionality saves a tremendous amount of time and produces more accurate results.


To see how to create Insights, view this 30-minute on-demand workshop: Optimizing Cloud Resources.