e-Book: Consume with Confidence

“I know exactly what’s going on in my cloud at all times,”…says no one ever.


Face it – it’s tough to keep track of things in the cloud! The very nature of cloud ensures that it’s darn near impossible. It’s on-demand, elastic, and easily accessible to anyone with a credit card, making it a moving target – with a big price tag if not managed properly.


It’s no wonder that managing cloud usage and spend has risen to the Top 3 spot in a recent Forrester survey of enterprises adopting cloud. Other issues like security and reliability are basically solved problems now. And with more and more workloads moving to the cloud, managing those services – and their associated costs – is now getting some serious attention.


Enter cloud analytics. And by cloud analytics, we mean analytics about  your cloud. Cloud analytics deliver real-time granular intelligence about your cloud, enabling you to see exactly who is using how much of which cloud services, and what it’s costing the business.  With this intelligence at your fingertips, you’re not only in full control but you can hold all users accountable.  When everyone knows in real time what is going on, decisions are much easier, enabling you to stay agile and competitive.


Read the full e-Book to learn tips and tricks for all of your cloud stakeholders:  DevOps, Cloud Architects, Line of Business execs, Finance, and more.

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