e-Book: Tune Your Cloud

In business, time is money. And never has that been more true than in the digital world we live in today. Cloud computing enables us to deliver goods and services faster and better – but it comes at a cost if not managed properly. Time is money in the pay-per-use world of cloud, so shortening the distance from insight to action is imperative to success.


This e-Book explores the top 3 tools to achieve ultimate optimization of your cloud usage and spend, helping you to achieve the following goals:


  • Full transparency into cloud usage, costs, and performance across all key stakeholders in an organization
  • Opportunistic usage of discounted cloud services, such as pre-paid subscriptions, reserved instances, spot market, etc.
  • Supply and demand workload balance based on performance and cost
  • Proactive notification of cost overruns, usage anomalies, etc.
  • Cost modeling future cloud services based on actual usage


Read the full e-Book and start tuning your cloud today.

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