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Consuming Azure services is easy and with just a few clicks you can turn on or off. As services volumes grow across your business, spend can get away from you and it can be hard to keep up. Learn how you can get clear visibility across all Azure services and find out what top 5 reports and analytics you need to control spend today and in the future. Industry visionary, Deirdre Mahon will share why these KPI’s and reports are crucial for optimizing Azure services and Solutions Architect, Kevin Lewis, will share real-world use-cases and customer stories. In this web conference, you will view a product demo and learn how to consume cloud with confidence.
Webcast | Consume with Confidence: The Role of Cloud Analytics in Cloud Adoption
Listen to Principal Analyst Dave Bartoletti, of Forrester Research, discuss the importance of effective cloud metering, without which you lack visibility into usage and spend. Cloud analytics gives you the visibility you need to extend cloud use and prove value to the business.

Podcast: A Day in the Life of a DevOps Dude

Cloud Cruiser’s Head of DevOps shares some of his biggest challenges and insights into the world of DevOps.

Learn how cloud analytics can help you bridge the gap between efficiency and performance and keep developers, end users, and the people paying for your cloud resources all in harmony.

  • Get a snapshot of what is happening right now and trend information, to put it in context
  • See where you can cut costs without impacting performance
  • Learn how to use budgeting and forecasting capabilities for proactive planning
  • Spot suspicious situations before they turn into difficult problems
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