Webcast: Eliminating Tagging Errors and Inconsistencies

If you’re using AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, WAP, vCenter, or VMware then you’re probably utilizing tags or labels to attribute your cloud resources to projects, departments, or other buckets. The problem with tags is that they are totally dependent on the people utilizing them or the processes that were put in place to enforce them. More often than not, tags are missing, inconsistent, or flat out wrong.


Join Cloud Cruiser’s experts for a hands-on workshop to explore:
  • Best practices for tagging
  • How to use SmartTags to execute tagging strategies
  • How to automate data cleanup – for historical and future collections
  • Advanced SmartTag capabilities

View the slides here or read the full transcript here.

We hope you enjoyed the webcast! Schedule a demo here and get the slides here.

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