Putting a Price Tag on Cloud Agility

Business agility is the most valued and most misunderstood aspect of cloud computing. Most enterprises find agility difficult to measure, and even when metrics are in place, the data is difficult to draw out in a timely manner.

As cloud computing becomes more pervasive, enterprises have an opportunity to leverage this technology for strategic purposes. This means that we’re moving from leveraging cloud computing for the cost savings aspects, to leveraging cloud-based systems as assets that are strategic to the business.

The need for agility is the driving force behind this change of focus. Businesses must learn how to make decisions fast, based upon real-time or near real-time data. Successful development of these decision-making capabilities can justify the expenditures needed to make the businesses more agile.

The purpose of this paper is to look at the concept of agility and how emerging technologies can bring agility to enterprises. More importantly, we will define how to create an infrastructure of data analytics that can provide instant feedback on the effectiveness of technology to provide agility. Finally, we will describe how to use this instantaneous feedback to make quick decisions about the right expenditure of resources, thus supporting the notions of agility and time-to-market by operating with near perfect information.
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