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Consumers of cloud use Cloud Cruiser to proactively manage their consumption and costs with reliable, easy-to-use analytics dashboards.

If your mission is getting products or services to market faster, better, and more cost effectively (hooray!), then cloud is your superhighway. No more IT bottlenecks – it’s fast-track to the cloud for quick procurement and access to the resources you need to get the job done. But which cloud do you choose? How do keep costs from spiraling out of control? And how do you make sense of those provider bills?

Get the Data You Need in the Language You Understand


With cloud, the resources you need are available at the speed of your business. But with a pay-as-you-go model, you’ve got to keep track of your consumption and spending. Typical cloud bills are either light on details or heavy on tech speak. What you need is:


Control Your Spending Before It Hurts


We’ve all been there: End of the month comes and the ‘bill shock’ hits. If only you had known earlier that all of those resources that you no longer needed were still active with the meter running. To avoid overspending, business users need:

  • Customizable budgets based on any measure that’s meaningful to you (by department, project, resource – you name it!)
  • Real-time alerts based on any threshold you define
  • Actionable Insights that show you when things start to go awry, such as underutilized resources or unexpected spending spikes.

Top Trends: Cloud-Enabled Agility

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