Solutions for IT

IT professionals count on Cloud Cruiser to help them deliver optimized services to the business.

Cloud is changing the way you deliver technology services to the business. In fact, it’s changed what you focus on day-to-day. You no longer worry about how to eke more life out of existing servers or juggle an impossibly long list of requests. With cloud’s agility, you now focus on procuring the right cloud services to meet the needs of the business and managing the consumption and cost of those services.


Cost Management

To deliver superior business value, you need to align services delivery with specific business and user needs. Working collaboratively you need to:

  • Clearly articulate the cost and quality of services across a variety of platforms and vendors
  • Make it easy for your business consumers to get their hands on the data they need – for budgets, for project planning – whatever they need, whenever they need it
  • Monitor hybrid clouds or multi clouds and eliminate costly service interruptions or expensive over-provisioning
  • Provide accurate, fair, and defensible reporting of cloud usage by user and costs


Optimize Hybrid or Multi-Cloud Environments

There are an exploding number of choices in how services can be delivered and the business depends on you to provide the greatest agility and lowest cost. To manage your hybrid or multi-cloud environments, you need to:


IT Broker

More and more, IT professionals are playing the role of IT broker, a trusted adviser to the business who ensures that the right services are available at the right price and the right time. To successfully deliver services, IT brokers must:


Making the Shift from CapEx to OpEx

Often times discussions about the financial impact of moving to a public, private, or hybrid cloud fail to mention shifting from CapEx to OpEx.   This shift is real and must be planned and managed.  It is definitely a change in …


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Cloud Usage Visibility

Achieve full visibility on cloud usage by user and costs across hybrid cloud services and predictably forecast to meet business demands, today and tomorrow. Read More